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What Factors Should I Use to Evaluate a Source?

Running head: Evaluation of a source 1 Evaluation of a source 6 Evaluation of a source Name Professor Institution Course Date What factors should I use to evaluate a source? The reliability, relevance, timeliness and accuracy are factors that one should use to evaluate a source. Evaluate relevance · Determine if the information in a source will help you address your readers’ needs and interests The source is relevant in that it explains both the positive and negative impacts of smart phones. The information provided in the blog is clear...
Creative Writing
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Modernist Innovations in “Girl With a Mandolin”

d a surface ornament was considered to have a big intrinsic value. In Girl with a Mandolin image, the characteristic fragmentation is integral, and the artist carried it to almost an unrecognizable level. In fact, the image is believed to have laid the foundation of modernism in the artworks of the 20th century. Pablo fragmented the girl's figure into pieces that were organized to simulate their prediction out of the flat image plane towards the viewer, and this depicted her to be in movement as she plays her mandolin. A...
Creative Writing
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A Deadly Betrayal That Wounded Me

Lethal Betrayal My heart jumped, yes it skipped a bit at his sight, the prince…yes my second soul owner. The charm! The flower of my town! The cocaine and meth my heart thought would be! I flipped through pages, and lastly thought I had seen his true version which I liked, In my world, I saw you drifting to sleep, waking at midnight… and I was there to kiss your lips and whisper “go back to sleep” holding you tight and smiling because you are all I ever wanted in...
Creative Writing
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A Critique of Hillary Clinton’s Public Speaking Skills in the First Presidential Debate

Surname 3 Name; Instructor: Course: Date: A Critique of Hillary Clinton’s Public Speaking Skills in the First Presidential Debate Hillary Clinton did put up a good performance in the first face-to-face US presidential debate. Besides maintaining her composure all through the sessions, she was also quite precise in her answers. She governed the tenor and tempo of the debate and effectively defended her record, which improved her credibility as a potential head of the United States. At the same time, she prosecuted Trump on his flaws in matters of business...
Creative Writing
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What Are the Benefits of Brisk Walking?

Surname 1 Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Brisk Walking Brisk strolling is not walking or still strolling at a moderate pace. It is walking quicker than both yet not as fast as a full run. There are numerous advantages to brisk strolling. Getting a brisk walk going relies on the individual; however, it regularly obliges you to move no less than three mph. You ought to feel as though you are working out. You should experience developing warmth and possibly sweat, feel your heart rate somewhat raise and start breathing heavier....
Creative Writing
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The Problem of World Poverty and Education

World Poverty WORLD POVERTY AND EDUCATION SINGER’S CLAIMS Poverty is a global challenge as it affects both developed and developing countries Statistics have revealed that a majority of the world’s population do not have access to enough food, health care, safe water, clothing among others (Singer, 2009). The system of education in the U.S. does not equip the students with skills and knowledge needed to solve the issue of poverty Provision of education and aid is critical to alleviating world poverty PROVISION OF EDUCATION Education makes the learners become aware...
Creative Writing
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Gowanus Superfund Site walk

Running head: Gowanus Superfund Site walk 1 GOWANUS SUPERFUND SITE WALK 3 Gowanus Superfund Site walk Name Institutional Affiliation Date The paper will discuss Gowanus Canal through its foundation, pollution and the sources of the pollutants. It also outlines possible remedies to the current state of the canal. The Gowanus Canal is along channel measuring one-hundred-foot-wide and 2.9 km long located in New York, Kings County and in the New York district of Brooklyn. It is referred to as a superfund site (Navarro, 2009).. It is surrounded by numerous communities...
Creative Writing
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Analysis of the Article “We the People”

Running Head: ANALYZING IMPLICATIONS 1 ANALYZING IMPLICATIONS 2 Analyzing Implications Student’s Name Learning Institution Course Instructor Date In “We the People”, one of the author’s arguments is about the manner in which the government often escapes from its commitment to the constitution. The author argues that citizens should evaluate the notion of Tea Party as well as every bill in accordance to the constitution by demonstrates the significance of clearly understanding the constitution in a different light (Eastland, 2011). A further implication from this article is that the Republicans are...
Creative Writing
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Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Running head: CRITICAL THINKING AND PROBLEM SOLVING 1 CRITICAL THINKING AND PROBLEM SOLVING COMPARISON OF EDITORIALS Student’s Name Learning Institution Course Instructor Date Critical thinking and problem solving In debate 1, Should the “Ashley X” treatments have been permitted” the premise is that the surgical procedure carried out to Ashley could enable the caregivers to offer improved care (Lewis, 2007). The little girl underwent a surgical procedure that involved the removal of the appendix, uterus, and breast buds. The procedure was proposed as the best solution for the severely disabled...
Creative Writing
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Solutions to Suicide Cases amongst the Teens

Surname 1 Student’s name Professor’s name Course Date Solutions to Suicide Cases amongst the Teens Suicide is the third leading cause of the deaths of the youths in the society today thus noticing the general behavior of the adolescents will be critical in preventing suicidal cases from raising to abnormal levels. Teenage suicide is pulverizing. At the point when a high schooler feels so edgy that they consider, endeavors, or prevails at taking their particular life, the repercussions are broad. No high schooler ought to ever need to get to...
Creative Writing
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