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Anomalies of Metabolism: Hereditary Fructose Intolerance

Running head: HEREDITARY FRUCTOSE INTOLERANCE 1 HEREDITARY FRUCTOSE INTOLERANCE 5 Hereditary fructose intolerance Name Institution Professor Course Date Introduction Metabolic reactions are considered vital in any living organism. Abnormalities however interfere with the normal functioning of metabolism. Hereditary fructose intolerance for instance interferes with the ability of human body to digest fructose (Hoffmann, Zschocke & Nyhan, 2010). This piece of paper gears at demonstrating an understanding of the biochemical basis of the disorder. Metabolic reactions are facilitated by enzymes. For instance, the digestion of fructose is facilitated by the enzyme...
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Green Chemistry to Help Protect the Environment From the Pollution

Surname11 Name Professor Course Date Green chemistry to help protect the environment from the pollution Introduction In this era, the environment is at risk due to the increasing chemical pollution related to emerging technologies and lifestyles. Therefore, the environment ought to be protected by all means by all stakeholders in the chemical industry. Industries and institutions should join hands and act on development in the field of green chemistry by eliminating and reducing the generation and use of hazardous materials. The only possible way to achieve greener chemistry is through...
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How No Fats Affect the Biochemical Process of the Body?

How no fats affect the biochemical process of the body Breakdown of triglycerides There are a number of processes that are involved in a human body to break triglycerides to obtain energy. This process is referred to as lipolysis. Through hydrolysis, triglycerides are first broken down to release glycerol and fatty acids. The process that takes place in cytoplasm is referred to as lipolysis. Oxidation then takes place to the fatty acids by ?-oxidation and this result to acetyl CoA. This is then used in the Krebs cycle. The glycerol...
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Multi-Step Procedure for the Synthesis of Para-Red Dye

Running head: LAB REPORT 1 LAB REPORT 2 Lab Report Name Institution Abstract The experiment performed was a multiple-step procedure to synthesize para red dye. Due to time constraints, the multiple-step procedure was ended at the synthesis of p-Nitroaniline. The processes involved the synthesis of acetanilide from aniline and acetic anhydride, the synthesis of p-Nitroacetanilide from acetanilide, and the synthesis of p-Nitroaniline from p-Nitroacetanilide. The final product, p-Nitroaniline, was found to weigh 1.5629 grams. This is a 39.2 percent yield from the theoretical yield of 3.99 grams. Introduction Aniline is...
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Experiment Using Graduated Cylinder and Balance

Running Head: CHEMISTRY 1 CHEMISTRY 4 Chemistry Name Institution Professor Course Date Chemistry Part A (using a graduated cylinder and a balance) Temperature: -22.5 Density: -0.997632 g/cm3 Table A: Addition Mass (g) Volume (ml) Addition Mass (g) Volume (g) 1 0.86 1.00 8 4.79 4.80 2 1.47 1.40 9 5.46 5.40 3 2.11 2.00 10 5.94 5.80 4 2.64 2.60 11 6.45 6.40 5 3.06 3.00 12 7.07 7.00 6 3.63 3.60 13 7.70 7.60 7 4.20 4.20 14 8.78 8.80 Part B (Comparison of glassware syrological pipette) Temperature: -22.6...
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Chemistry Lab: Nickel Research

Running Head: CHEMISTRY 1 CHEMISTRY 5 Name Institution Professor Course Date Experiment 1 Introduction Nickel can be defined as the chemical element which is represented by the symbol Ni. This element has an atomic number of 28. In more details, it is a metal with silvery-white shiny color and tinge which is slightly golden. Nickle belongs to the transition metals. One of the properties of Nickel is that it is ductile and hard. However, the pure nickel is in powder form. This enables it to maximize the surface area of...
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Electric Cars, a Solution or a Trap?

Surname 7 Name Tutor Course Date Electric cars, a solution or a trap? Abstract The modern society is facing challenges due to the growing expansion of energy demand. Most countries in the world are depending on imports of oil and as a result most nations are faced with the need of coming up with an alternative energy system (Nealer & Reichmath & Anair 6). China is a good example of countries that are dedicated to reducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission in almost every sector in particular the automotive sector...
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Byvalson Sds (Nebivolol/Valsartan)

Surname 1 Student’s name Instructor’s name Subject Date Byvalson SDS BYVALSON (nebivolol/valsartan) 5 mg/ 80 mg tablet is a fixed-dose combination that combines two FDA approved, once daily, blood pressure lowering agents with different mechanisms of action ("0023-5874-30 : Byvalson"). Nebivolol (marketed in the U.S. as BYSTOLIC) is a beta-adrenergic receptor blocking agent that is preferentially beta-1 selective up to and including the 10 mg dose and in extensive metabolizers ("Allergan Announces FDA Approval of BYVALSON™ (nebivolol and Valsartan) - Allergan"). While nebivolol's mechanism of action has not been definitively...
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The Bio-Informatics Exercise Answer Template

Running head: THE BIO-INFORMATICS EXERCISE 1 THE BIO-INFORMATICS EXERCISE 4 The bio-informatics exercise answer template Student name: Professor: Course: Date: QUESTION 1 Amino acids sequence of aid can be performed by the use of the various tools such as the protein sequencer machine. The device performing this fundamental function involves generating the sequence of the amino acids alignments in a protein molecule. The processing progress in the entire layer of the polypeptide is made till the whole amino acid sequence is achieved. At the advanced level, we can use the...
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Soda Bottle Production Lab Report

Surname 1 Name Tutor Course Date Objective This lab report will be looking at finding the Ideal temperature and pressure for the production of soda bottles. This will involve determining the exact temperatures at which liquid soda will dissolve in to carbon IV oxide at its maximum. The experiment will determine the optimum pressure at which the liquid soda will be dissolved in to carbon IV oxide. Introduction The Soda manufacturers always inject the cold liquid soda with pressurized carbon IV oxide, and then bottle it under high pressure. This...
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