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Parental and technology

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Parental and technology

After exploring the parental resources, I felt that parenting is a process that has to be taken seriously by the parents. The process of parenting includes promoting as well as supporting the physical, emotional, social, academically and financial needs of the child. The process is mainly carried out by biological parents but under unavoidable circumstances is carried out by foster parents. The reason being that, the general future behavior of the child is determined by the manner they are brought up. Using what I have read, I can see myself being a good parent in future. This is because the resources I have read have clearly outlined on what it takes to becoming a good parent. Having learned and understood on the roles a parent, it is my belief that I can become a better one. I have understood some if essential concepts that apply in parenthood such as nurturing the children and show them how to decide on making moral decisions. As a parent, I have learned that I should understand some of the intervention programs that can assist in developing the behavior of the children (Mommaps, n.d).

After reading the technology resources, I have realized some of the pros and cons of technology in the family. Some of the advantages of technology include, faster in accessing of information. One can send information and receive the feedback within a short period regardless of the geographical location. The level of social life has increased among the teenage due to improved technology. However, technology has promoted immorality among the young people due to increase exposure to pornographic content. As a parent, I have realized that I need to devise measures to limit the children from accessing immoral content from the internet and television. Some of the comprehensive takeaways learned are that a parent plays a major role in the life of the child. In summary, the unresolved issue in regards to families and technology is about the degree of youth exposure to technology. How can the issues of pornography literature be controlled in technology?

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