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John Locke versus Marti Luther King JR

5 Name: Professor: Course: Date: 12 December, 2016. John Locke versus Marti Luther King JR. John Locke and Martin Luther king Jr. were both great philosophers. In the paper, I will be comparing Martin Luther king Jr. with John Locke. I will be supporting John Locke in this document. I will first look at his philosophies and defend him. Secondly, I will look at the Martin Luther King Jr. and his philosophies. In their lives, both philosophers had great influences on the lives of the citizens of different countries in...
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The Ethics of Human Cloning

Running Head: THE ETHICS OF HUMAN CLONING 1 THE ETHICS OF HUMAN CLONING 9 THE ETHICS OF HUMAN CLONING Name Professor Institution Course Date Human cloning refers to an attempt to make a human being without following the naturally known ways of doing the same. It tries to create a human form, an issue that brings about some sense of controversy between the ones attempting the cloning process and the ones that believe in the supernatural ability of God to create the human being. The people who carry out human...
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Socrates in “Apology” and “Letter From a Birmingham Jail”

Many themes and ideas found in Martin Luther King Jr’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” are derived from Socrates’s “Apology.” The statements of ethical theory found in the two works of philosophy overlap and converge in a number of ways. Each of these texts have been written in order to discuss the nature of justice and injustice and what it really means to challenge injustice. When it comes to political terms, it is also clear that they are similar in the way each one of them is being presented by a...
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Secession and Civil War in the United States

Surname 1 Secession and Civil War Name: Course: Professor: Date: Introduction Secession can be defined as the withdrawal of a group, organization or a larger entity such as a country from the civil war. The secession exists whenever certain individuals, group or the political entity suffers from the injustices; especially the injustices arising from the violation of human rights. For the past decades, there has been a remarkable rise in secession following the violation of the human rights. In most cases, the secession is experienced whenever there is a political...
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Reflections of the French Philosopher Descartes

Surname 4 Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Descartes’s Meditations Descartes contends in the first meditation that our normal experience of the world cannot suffice a concrete foundation upon which to base all other knowledge. We are often disenchanted when we discover that everything we have learned is mere prejudice or that our senses give us false information. This phenomenon should cause us to wonder whether every other thing we imagine to be obvious could be mistaken. To test the correctness of our knowledge, Descartes proposes a technique that will elude error...
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Essence of Lying in the Society

Running head: ESSENCE OF LYING 1 ESSENCE OF LYING 6 Essence of Lying in the society Author’s Name Subject Affiliation Lying is considered as one of the undesirable characteristics of the society as individuals are always urged not to lie or give a false statement but to be honest and always to be truthful in all the statement that we give in our daily lives. Religious teaching has been at the forefront to discourage individuals from being liars and always to ensure that they remain truthful regardless of the impacts...
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Philosophy of Mind: Dualism of Mind and Body

Surname2 Name Tutor Course Date Mind-Body Dualism Introduction Mind-body dualism is a position or concept of the philosophy of the mind. The concept states that in a fundamentally important way, the mind exists as a complete entity distinct from the brain. Mind dualism concepts claim that the mind does not exist as a physical form or thing. Plato, early dualists, asserts that the soul exists as a separate form of the body. However, the soul inhabits the body in the period of mortal life. In immortality, the soul, rejoin the...
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Understanding of Building Peace and Social Justice

Surname 2 Name Professor Course Date Reflection paper Power, social justice and peace are three philosophical phenomena that are interconnected and proper understanding one phenomenon require basic knowledge on the other. There are three key ways in which the three phenomena can be easily understood. Studying political science, theology and philosophy presents an effective way into understanding their relationship and interconnectedness. These are the major influences into understanding peace, social justices and power. For instance, in political discourse power is entirely conflictual and adversarial (Michael 17). In fact, power tend...
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Role of Wisdom in True Virtue

Surname 5 Name Course Instructor Date Role of Wisdom in True Virtue Considered as one of the greatest philosophers of all times, Socrates presented his views and ideas in some of the most critical and contradicting issues within the society. As Socrates never maintained any written record during his lifetime, most of his works were written down by his student Plato. The ideas and philosophical knowledge of Socrates are presented in the form of dialogue that ensured before him and others. Such is the case as Socrates offers an explanation...
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Is Free Enterprise Better Than Socialist Systems?

Surname 6 Philosophy Examination Name Institution Professor Course Date Free enterprises are characterized by the maximum freedom for private businesses carry out their operations and make profits with minimal regulation from the government. Socialistic systems, on the other hand, is a social and economic system where the society own means of production, control the means of production and also have the influence on the ideologies made by the politicians.. The argument also examines contradictory statements that may be false. Well, claiming the superiority of free market over socialist systems is...
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