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Response to the Resume

Ms. Celina Newcomb267 Stage Trail RoadBismarck, ND 58507Dear Ms. Newcomb:Thank you for submitting your application to our organization. According to your resume, you have the necessary qualifications for the position of Investigator I.According to our standard procedures, you are required to take the state qualifying examination. Qualified applicants with the top five score will be invited to a structured interview to be scheduled at a later date. You will be notified of an interview appointment if you are in the top five applicants.Your examination time has been scheduled for Monday,...
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My name is Zhu Zhu and I am expecting to graduate in winter of 2009 with a bachelor degree in accounting. In relation to this, I am intending to apply for the 150-hour program in order to be able to take the CPA exam.Prior to coming to the US, I have studied in Macau for two years on general business. Macau, an exciting city that combines both the Western and Eastern cultures, is where I became interested in pursuing my next level of education in US and eventually transferred to...
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What to Do if You Have no Idea How to Write an Essay

Students often have a question “How to write my essay for me so that it would get A+?". You can ask for advice your classmates, teacher, parents, friends or can ask it the professionals. Writers from custom writing service always have the answers and advice. They are experienced masters from different countries all over the world, who have the same goal. Your essay can be written by the freelancer from England, Spain, Portugal, USA, Brazil, Philippines, Poland, Israel, Argentina or Austria. Of course, if you want only the native speaker...
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How to Get Time For Your Favorite Hobby

Every person has a hobby. Maybe, it has not been opened yet, but I am sure that you have an activity you like to be engaged to the most. Playing football, taking photos, singing, dancing, decorating, cooking, swimming – so many different hobbies people have. Only a part of humanity has a job, which is connected with the activity they enjoy. Another part finds a time for their favorite occupations besides their main job. But I never understood people, who had left their interests. University Students Often Tell EssayLab professionals:How...
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How To Write An Essay In a Short Period of Time?

Enjoy your student life – let our authors help youWriting different articles is undoubtedly good thing, but not for everyone it is a pleasure. Sometimes the task is set not quite in time. Or the topic of the work is not in your field of interest. And many other reasons exist why students decide to order the essays from professionals today.Every day we can observe the appearance of new services, whose goals are to ease our life. To neglect such services is not a smart idea. It is an additional...
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California Gold Rush

The nineteenth century was the great era of North American gold rushes. Beginning in North Carolina in 1799, gold rushes were initially a southern phenomenon, centered along the eastern piedmont of the Appalachians. A rush in the Cherokee Nation contributed to the forced removal of Cherokees in the 1830s.The western rushes began in 1848 with a gold discovery in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, just as the United States acquired California from Mexico, and they shared characteristics with those in the South. The story begins with James Marshall's accidental...
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Analysis of Sexual Harassment Policy at the Southern Illinois University Carbondale

One of the common misconceptions about sexual harassment is that business owners are protected against liability so long the supervisors or managers avoid making sexual advances against an unwilling subordinate. Employers think that they are insulated from suits so long as this traditional form of sexual harassment is avoided in the workplace. This is the mistake often committed by employers. Nowadays, the scope of sexual harassment has been expanded by law and by the Supreme Court so as to include lawsuits by subordinates who willingly submitted to the sexual advances...
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Case of Exxon Mobil vs EPA

Facts: In 1988, Clark County, Nevada started an oxygenated fuel program to reduce the level of Carbon Monoxide emissions during wintertime. The said program was undertaken since it was classified as a serious non-attainment area for Carbon Monoxide. It initially required that all fuel sold should consist of 2.5% oxygen. In 1991, it increased the requirement to 2.7% oxygen. Despite this program, Clark Country remained a non-attainment area for Carbon Monoxide emissions. In 1997, the Clark Country amended its plan to require 3.5% minimum oxygen content. This was submitted by...
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The Roles and Barriers of Curriculum Leaders

Leadership is experienced everywhere in the world, it is seen in organisations, schools, governments, small groups as well as in families. It enables a system to run well, effectively and with a sense of direction. Leadership therefore is not about power, accomplishments or what we do but it is about creating a domain in which human beings continually deepen their understanding of reality and become more capable of participating in the world and creating new realities. The functions that enables school systems and the schools to achieve goals and ensure...
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How to start an essay

Many college assignments have a time limit set by the professor. You may have also been busy that you put your paper aside and now you need to cope with your task really fast. You may have no idea how to write an essay fast. You can facetime limits in the exam. If you feel that you can not cope with your essay, research paper or any other assignment quickly under a time constraint, this article is what you are looking for. Follow our tips and we will show you...
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Essay Writing Tips

College Essay Writing Can Be EasyIf you are dreading every time there comes a necessity to compose a college essay, congratulations, you are one of the millions of students around the world. Do not panic when facing another assignment. You ought to become well-organized and follow our essay writing tips. You will find them reasonably useful and master your composition writing skills in no time.Undergraduates Often Tell EssayLab specialists:I have no writing struggles since I have found this cheap coursework writing service!Our professionals propose: Follow Essaylab Writing Service Select a...
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Religion in UAE’s

Like all countries and regions, religion forms a very important aspect of UAE's culture. This religious culture may be discovered though an examination of the relics left behind by the ancestors of the people of UAE. The country's traditional religious culture is interesting because, like most traditional religion, it involves the worship of a very unique and uncommon icon and very unique traditions. Of all the features of UAE's religious culture, the worship of snakes is one of the most striking. This practice of worshipping snakes has earned them the...
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UAE after Islam

One of the main features of United Arab Emirates is its possession of a very strategic location which helps facilitate its trade and commerce. Within the country, the people are engaged in several occupations such as trading, transportation, fishing and hunting. This an important part of their civil life which, aside from certain developments, remained more and less as the same occupations the people in the country are engaged with through the years. However, unlike occupation which remained relatively stable through the years, there is an important aspect of UAE's...
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Summary “You Are Not a Stranger Here”

Chapter 1 - Notes to My BiographerIn this chapter, the main character alternately provides the reader with history and symptoms. The story begins with the man in an apparent frenetic driving spree where he tries to visit and contact numerous friends and relatives. He is driving his niece's car and she clearly has no idea that he has taken it for this extended trip. He describes a series of extreme behaviors, up and down. At the time of this story, he is apparently on the up swing. However, he talks...
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Zurar International

At Zurar International we combine knowledge and professionalism with our excellent communication skills to match individuals with the unique position that is right for them. We are equipped with experts who have a thorough knowledge of the demands and expectations within each career field. We are also highly trained and experienced in the interpersonal and psychological aspects of communication, allowing us to thoroughly assess the individuals we recommend to our business partners.Students Usually Tell EssayLab specialists:I'm not in the mood to write my paper. Because I want to spend time...
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